F3 Medina

Forrest’s Fun Run

Thu., Dec. 1, 2022

Squealer? Squealer?

Thu., Dec. 1, 2022 / 05:15 am - 06:00 am / Medina Pavillion



4 Pax  @Shugah @Brutus @Lincoln @Forrest
Met in the darkest parking lot in Medina for a deal with the devil. Wind chill of 12 degrees. Gale force winds.A new route was created today that was exactly 3 miles  that incorporated a few inclines and cul d sacs. The wind at your face going up hill was a challenge in itself the last mile. It’s going to take a few hours for the blood to thaw in my legs.I chose Blake so @Squealer might join us. Next time we’ll just park in his driveway.