F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., Mar. 14, 2023


Tue., Mar. 14, 2023 / 06:00 am - 07:00 am / Medina High School



Four PAX enjoyed a snowy trek of 3.1 miles.  @Dash @Shugah @Picabo @Radio bundled up, and headed out, as the snowplows and garbage trucks did their business.  @Shugah and @Dash sat in the back, and discussed a topic more suitable for Thursday’s Smoking the Ruck Out of It, slow cooked meats, some vacation thing that @Radio isn’t familiar with, and the evolution of @Dash’s racing machine!  @Radio and @Picabo guided the way with a mix of funny taxidermy stories, diving into the banking crisis , and @Radio‘s interest in our favorite local Dippin’ Dots business. We also lamented my poor preparation this morning.  By the time the ruck was over, both of my gloves and my headlamp had died.