F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., Apr. 5, 2022

Ruckin’ Equilibrium?!?

Tue., Apr. 5, 2022 / 06:00 am - 07:00 am / Medina High School



         took a rather uneventful ruck around the ol’ lake, unless you count the two times  lost his equilibrium, and fell hard right.  Not sure what the hell that was all about, but I think  was the only one who noticed.  Great conversation, and great seeing  in the parking lot before his quick exit.  Kudos to  for wearing appropriate footwear, as well as the much discussed socks.  I’m slightly disappointed in my fellow PAX for not, at the very least, rocking the port-a-let during  post-ruck crapper.

Prayers for ’s safe travels this week!

Always a pleasure, men.  On deck…  fresh off the open seas!