F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., Dec. 19, 2023

AI Root

Tue., Dec. 19, 2023 / 05:52 am - 06:52 am / AI Root Middle School



A six PAX joined in at some point or another for some frozen fun. @Dash @Shugah @Cadet @Radio a late entry @Brutus and a wandering soul @Churchill all connected for just under three miles at a cautionary pace.  @Radio got to the run this morning, only to find Root’s lot still being plowed.  Not wanting to mess with the city employed folk, he audibled to the gas station on the corner of Sturbridge and Court, also known at @Shugah‘s poop stop.  @Radio was savvy enough to check Slack after the run to give @Brutus instructions, but screwed the pooch on @Churchill, who still showed up at AI Root.  He did, however, creep up on the pack like a ninja dressed up to knock over a liquor store.   Once we all got together, it represented a game of Crossy Road played on a skating rink.  We had some slips, we had some slides, we avoided the traffic, and unbelievably, no one fell!  @Cadet managed to clean his bowels before the ruck@Shugah was given a clean bill of health on his legs@Brutus got some time to brag on his daughter @Dash continues to be a role model for PAX around the globe@Churchill still dresses like a jewel thief, and @Radio spent the majority of the time cursing his left glove, as it must have gotten left on, and had no battery from the outset.