F3 Medina


Sun., Aug. 28, 2022


Sun., Aug. 28, 2022 / 06:30 am - 07:15 am / Hinckley Police Department



The workout consisted of 20 minutes of the following exercises with 60 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Each station was followed by a hill run.

1) rock roll
2) parallel bars up and overs
3) pull up bar jump and press
4) rock/ruck carry
5) parallel bars walk w/dip at each end
6) swing set traverse

I failed to realize how dark it still is a 0600 at this time of year which distracted from the workout but the guys were good sports about it and made the best of it.

I had to leave early for work however the 3 hardcore fellas @Ringworm @French Lick and @Shugah did the following core workout: 25 of each of the following working from bottom abs up: leg lifts, bicycles, boat, boat w/ hammers, crunches, v reaches, side crunch (L), side crunch (R) then finished with 10 reps of a 10-second plank into a Merkin/side plank either side for a total of about a 2-minute plank.