F3 Medina

The Capper

Sat., Mar. 11, 2023

Dealer’s Choice

Sat., Mar. 11, 2023 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / AI Root Middle School



Some dynamics from the west goal line to the 30 and back, followed by some more of the static variety in the endzone.


We hit double digit PAX on a Saturday, woot woot! @Focker @French Lick @Squealer @Dash @Radio @Padre @Rad @Shugah @Wall-E @Garmin all joined in the fun, busted some chops, and got some work done while they were at it!

Dealer would Run around the periphery of the football field, carrying a sandbag 50 yards, and sprinting the other 250 (well, maybe not sprinting 😉), while leaving his fellow PAX with an exercise to do until his return. I know I’m going to miss some of these, as there were ton, but exercises included:
Merkins, OH press, chest press, curls, squats, big boys, LBCs, Randys, 6″ holds, pickle pointers, supermans, Russian get ups, prison get ups, @French Lick closed us out with man makers.


Around the horn in the same fashion as the Thang. Each PAX picked a 10 REP exercise…big boys, LBCs, 6″holds, flutter kicks, heavy Freddies, Russian Twists, leg climbers, V-rollups, and a couple others I’m missing, due to fatigue. 🥵


Until the millennium arrives and countries cease trying to enslave others, it will ne necessary to accept the one’s responsibilities and to be willing to make sacrifices form the one’s country – as my comrades did. As the troops use to say, “If the country is good enough to live in, it’s good enough to fight for.” With privilege goes responsibility.
EB Sledge, With the Old Breed
I think the above stands on its own, interpret it how you wish.
Thanks to @Churchill for lending me With the Old Breed. It has been fantastic. Also, my thanks to @Shugah, @Garmin and @Squealer for helping haul coupons to the endzone.
Prayers for the Hersh family, as they deal with the loss of their pregnancy. Continued prayers to @French Lick and @Radio’s FILs, as they deal with medical/health issues. Prayers to the Wells family, as they deal with the loss of employment. May God’s peace shine down on all of them.