F3 Medina

The Capper

Sat., Sep. 30, 2023

Yoga with Radio

Sat., Sep. 30, 2023 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Medina High School



Three sets of what Instragram label’s “The World’s Greatest Stretch”, some dynamics, including sprinter’s skips, frankenwalks, and side squats.  Mosey to hurdles, and did some hurdle exercises inspired by Noah Lysle’s Grass Roots documentary.


Wide leg hamstring stretch
Split Leg Hamstring stretch
Triangle pose
Twisting Triangle pose
Astunga Sun Salutations x3
Moving Asanas:
Runner’s Pose
Warrior One
Warrior Two
Reverse Warrior
Warrior Three
Chair Pose
Crescent Pose
Child’s Pose


We all practice Fitness Pretty well, and we all enjoy our Fellowship, but what about our third F?  We raise ourselves to God at the end of every BEEtdown, and I have to confess, being part of F3 has had a positive impact on my church attendance, as well as my attempts to follow in Christ’s path on a daily basis, but how do we view our actual faith?  My wife tends to be more of a science person than I, which leads to some interesting conversations.  Sometimes when she questions things, my simple answer is, “It’s faith.  If it were easy, faith wouldn’t be necessary.”  As life throws proof to the contrary at us all the time, just remember your faith.  Our pastor challenged us last week to say a little prayer periodically through the week.  “Lord, show me where you are working, and how I can join you.”
Prayers to our runners today, as they hit the streets of Akron.  Special prayers to @Padre and his family, as they welcome a new grandchild this weekend (we hope ).  Thank you to @Squealer for this morning’s coffeeteria.
I’m thinking @Shugah will probably lead some type of ruck around a nearly empty Hinckley Lake tomorrow.  Enjoy the weekend men.  Always an honor to lead this group!