F3 Medina

The Capper

Sat., Nov. 13, 2021

A Bit of a Circle Jerk

Sat., Nov. 13, 2021 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Medina High School



  • Regional Neck rolls, look left, look right, ear to shoulder
  • Arm circle 15X forward and Back IC
  • Crescent stretches
  • Tappy Taps IC
  • Hanging hammy stretch
  • Down Dog Calf Stretch into up dog
  • pigeon combined with quad stretch
  • Frog


500 yard mosey followed by motivator 10-6

Exercises were composed around midfield gold soccer ring

  • Bear crawl around ring
  • Ring of fire merkins/plank (each PAX holds plank, while one by one a PAX does 10 merkins)
  • 1/2 ring crab walk
  • Ring of fire overhead press/rifle hold
  • 1/2 ring lunge walk
  • Ring of fire weighted squats
  • 1/2 ring duck walk
  • Ring of fire curls
  • 1/2 ring lunge walk
  • Ring of fire Calf Raises
  • Mosey to restroom/maintenance building
  • 30 second balls to the wall
  • 45 second wall squat
  • Mosey back to midfield

(My apologies, as the remainder of the motivator was to be done here, and I totally dropped the ball)


  • 12x weighted Dr. W
  • Protractor (Q randomly leads PAX in leg holds of 15, 45, and 90 degrees off the ground, while adding splits or three dimensionals) 2 minutes
  • 20x LBCs on a four count


We are all lucky for what we have. My challenge to the PAX, as we move through this Holiday Season, is to not take our everyday conveniences for granted. Let us all be thankful!!!