F3 Medina

The Capper

Sat., Dec. 23, 2023

Rainbow Repeato

Sat., Dec. 23, 2023 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Medina High School



Dynamics up and down the field from the 50
Typical arm and leg stretches, Abe Vigota, Turn and Bounce, Tappy Taps


1-2 PAX for each colored cone. PAX rotated clockwise around the rectangle, stopping at each cone to complete the exercise.

Station 1: Manmakers/burpeesx10 – Station 1 yelled out when drill was complete and ALL PAX switched to the next station
Station 2: Squats
Station 3: Regular and Abyss Merkins
Station 4: Lunges
Station 5: Curls for the Girls
Station 6: Overhead Press

*We made it through three rounds. 30 burpees per PAX and a whole lot of additional reps of the other stations.
For travel between stations PAX completed shuttle runs, hurdle jumps, bear crawls, in/out jumps on the agility ladders and fast feet drills in between stations


No real MoM today as we enjoyed our final exercise of Burpees to the dulcet tones of the Police with the song Roxanne. PAX numbered off 1-2-1-2. All PAX ran in place while 1s dropped for Burpees on ‘Roxanne’ and 2s dropped for burpees on ‘red light’
-Thanks @Waterwheel for the assist!
All in all, according to my Google search, The Roxanne’s completed 28 burpees and the red lights 27 –  so it pays to be #2 I guess. The first verse has one line that psyched a few of us out thinking they were about to sing ‘red light’ but they sing “you don’t have to sell your body to the night.” FYI


Anxiety and depression sucks. It comes in all forms, to varying degrees. I always make the comment that there needs to be a book written for the person who is helping another person deal with anxiety and depression. @Padre said it best during the prayer at the end – and I’m paraphrasing big time: “Dear Lord, even if we don’t fully understand what the other person is going through, help us to continue to be a source of strength for them.” My wife has been dealing with it a lot lately. The holiday times usually bring it out in one way or another. It’s good to know that I have the support of this group, and it’s good to feel that support during moments like this morning. I don’t have much more to say on it other than, thank you guys for being my source of support. Thank you for the fellowship and the prayers.