F3 Medina

The Hive

Mon., Feb. 1, 2021

Leave No Man Behind, Bob the Builder Style

Mon., Feb. 1, 2021 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Monday Motivator


  • Line up at goal line with coupon
  • PAX #1 delivers his coupon to the other end zone then comes back to get PAX #2. PAX #2 delivers his coupon while PAX #1 continues to run and encourage PAX #2. This continues down the line until all coupons are at the other goal line.
  • PAX waiting to deliver their block do Man Makers (Merkins, Big Boys and Squats for modification)
  • Reverse order to bring them back. PAX waiting to run do Burpees (Merkins, Big Boys and Squats for modification)




Leave no man behind, Leave no man where you found him