F3 Medina

The Hive

Mon., May. 23, 2022

Squidward to the Rescue

Mon., May. 23, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Modified motivator + some standard stretches


Completely borrowed (read: stolen) from ‘s Brunswick workout, we practiced our ability to rescue…

The setup:
  • Sideline (near): a 60lb sack, a coupon… and a big ass tire
  • Sideline (far): a 45lb sack, a coupon
What we did:
  • We started with a recovery exercise (alternated each round between SSH and LBCs)
  • One PAX called go and we all did 5 burpees
  • One PAX took the 60lb sack and coupon to the other goal line any way he wanted…he then returned to the original sideline by doing high knees to the first hash, bear crawl to the second hash, and ran the remaining way…
  • One PAX did high knees to the first hash, bear crawled to the second hash, ran to the sideline to pick up the 45lb sack + coupon.. then carried them back to the other sideline… where he then picked up the 60lb sack + coupon his partner left and carried it to the other sideline…
  • Both PAX repeated this by picking up the sacks/coupons dropped by his partner
  • The third PAX flipped the big ass tire until his partners finished
  • Two remaining PAX ran the track until the group finished
Repeato for time
Finally, we sadly had one casualty in our rescue efforts today… though  claimed it was the victim’s fault for lack of effort.


6″ hammers – 2 sets of 20 and a set of 10 for good form


Realize that at some point(s) in your life, you will look back at exactly where you are right now and think, “I can’t believe I was there.” And, it will likely be two sided… on one side, you’ll likely think you can’t believe you looked a certain way (for the good), were able to do certain things, achieved, had certain moments, etc. And, on the other side, you’ll probably reflect on how you may have looked a certain way (for the not so good), weren’t able to do certain things, etc. etc. And, the important thing on either side of that coin is making the most out of right now… balance enjoying what your efforts have provided you with… and strive to be better… all right now.