F3 Medina

The Hive

Mon., Jun. 13, 2022

Let’s Try Something New

Mon., Jun. 13, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Normal stuff with a shortened motivator. We then mosied across the street to battle the humidity and torch our upper bodies.


Make your way down a series of 10 benches doing one Merkin, then flipping over to do one dip on each bench as you go. Then, do 5 pull ups on the monkey bars. Run a lap around the tennis courts (about 1/5th of a mile) and repeat… increasing the number of reps on the benches by one with each lap while decreasing the number of pull ups by 1 (I.e., round 2 = 2 merkins and 2 dips per bench for a total of 20 of each and 4 pull ups)

Repeat for time. PAX got in 5-6 rounds.


Incline Big Boys – 15 (or so… counting was pretty quiet for some reason)
Flutter kicks (on an incline) – 50, 4-count


Challenge yourself to do something a bit differently.

As a freshman, I heard a speaker who posed the same challenge to us. To make it go beyond words, he asked us all to clap. So… go ahead, clap as you’re reading 😉 Look down. Chances are your dominant hand is on top of that clap. It’s likely the same way you’ve clapped your entire life… without thinking about it. So, he challenged us to clap with your non dominant hand on top… being aware of things, however small, that are routine… and look to switch them up. Because, in doing so, you often get a new sense of mindfulness, enjoyment, effectiveness, purpose from things that have become routine.