F3 Medina

The Hive

Mon., Jul. 18, 2022

The Escalator

Mon., Jul. 18, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



The Thang was a good old fashioned escalator. A ladder that grows by a new exercise and 10 reps each round with a 100 yard dash in between rounds. We didn’t quite make the full climb but we did complete the following:

9 x 10 merkins
8x 20 LBCs
7× 30 Air squats
6×40 SSH
5×50 Mtn Climbers
4×60 Monkey Humpers
3×70 Plank Jacks
2×80 flutter kicks
1×90 air press

No time for Big Boys which were our 100 reps and were going to be the 6MOM.


I shared some thoughts related to the tweet below. One thing I tend to struggle with, if I’m spending time with family or doing other things that I should be doing with my time is thinking about the things I’m not doing. Even when those other things are objectively not as important as the thing I am doing, it becomes a distraction that keeps me from being fully engaged in the activity I should be part of. However, when looking at it through the lens of this tweet, I am not really “spending” time with my family time. It is really an investment that yields something good in the future–memories that we will all share. If the alternative activity that you bypass to spend more quality time has a lower ROI than the thing into which you are investing your time, then you probably made the right decision.