F3 Brunswick

Basin Beatdown

Tue., Feb. 6, 2024

Leg Day (lots of leg exercises; like, only legs)

Tue., Feb. 6, 2024 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick

Scratch n Sniff


a basic 20yd football calisthenics warmup


20 air squats
10 air good mornings
20 air calf raises10 coupon sumo squats

10 coupon deadlifts
10 coupon calf raises

Run 1 lap
(repeat 5x no rest)

We repeated this cycle 5 times, then farmer carried a coupon around the 1mi lake loop 1 time


I started reading the book Sapiens, which states, “Luxuries tend to become necessities and spawn new obligations. Then, we eventually come to a point when we can’t live without them.”

This line hit home with me because I just did the opposite of it and deleted my Instagram account. I realized that endlessly scrolling through images of ‘shiny things’ and stuff that I don’t have was a waste of my life and contributed close to zero positive RoI on my time. More time will determine how much improvement I feel in my life, but I already have more mental capacity and feel like I have more attention to spend on pursuits and people I truly love.