F3 Medina


Wed., Mar. 15, 2023

Reinventing the Wheel

Wed., Mar. 15, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Audibled to mid-field, after getting some set-up help from @Shugah and @Dash The norm, neck stretches, arm circles, crescent stretch, some hammies, down-dawg, calves, and frog…nothing out of the ordinary


Implements set up in four corners of the field (three coupons and a sandbag), plus two non-implemented spots at the goal lines.  PAX did an 15 reps of an exercise at each implement then carried the implement to the center M and did 5 thrusters, returned the implement, and moved clockwise to the next station.  The non-implement stations did reps, then 5 burpees at the middle.
Exercises included:
Rd 1 Upper Body:  OH Press, Curls, Med Ball slams with sand bag, chest press, and merkins at the non-implemented spots
Rd 2 Lower Body:  Bulgarians, Alternating side squats, weighted squats with the bag, calf raises, bonnie blairs at the non-implemented spots


Two sleds, five PAX…We lined up on the top of the hill no-sled, sled, no-sled, sled, no-sled.  The PAX w/o a sled did big boys until the sled PAX went down the hill and ran back up.  Everyone rotated on position to the left, and repeated.  Everyone got four trips down the hill and six sets of big boys in 6:00.


As my kids get older, I feel the years really flying by.  As we were doing this, I thought to myself, damn, I haven’t even gone sledding with the kids this year.  Watching all of us hit the hill, then charge back up, it appeared to me that we were all having a great time, Big Boys be damned.  In short, don’t be afraid to be a kid sometimes.  These little moments where we let our hair down, and do dumb stuff can make the everyday more manageable.
Always a pleasure to lead this group.  The calorie burn from this BEEtdown was higher than I expected, and I sincerely enjoyed the sledding at the end with you guys.  Thanks for all you PAX do!