Fri., Nov. 24, 2023

Sharing in Thanks

Fri., Nov. 24, 2023 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Mugrage Park



@Radio led the stretchy, yoga heavy warmup in the parking lot.


@Hardware led a Magic Mike workout on the playground, complete with Squat thrusts, merkins, dips, big boys, and squat.  PAX completed eight rounds.
@Focker finally got to breakout “My Brother’s Coupon”.  One PAX completed a manmaker, while the rest did a burpee.  PAX passed the coupon after their rep until everyone had completed a Manmaker.  Second round followed the same format, but with Derkins and Merkins.


@Shugah coached us through a game of plank hockey, then punished us for our weak skills by making us do three sets of Freddy Mercury fast and slows.


@Radio had a two pronged message.  Take time to look beyond your wants, and really appreciate what you have.  Our friends, our families, and our possessions make each of us very, very fortunate.  Always remember, regardless of what you might be challenged with, there are others out there going through even tougher times.  Remain thankful for what we have.

Always a pleasure to get together with the other AOs in the MAC region.  I can’t say enough in regards to what a fine bunch of men we have.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend with our families men!  It was an honor.