F3 Brunswick

Watershed Wallop

Thu., Feb. 9, 2023

That’s all?

Thu., Feb. 9, 2023 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick

French Lick


The intention discussed during the warmup was about happiness and it is not dependent on reaching a destination. Too many times when think “If I can get that, then I’ll be happy.” Only to realize that when we get it, we are not any happier and maybe even somewhat dismayed.


A full field of Pax showed for the Thursday edition of Brunswick F3 – @Scratch ‘n Sniff n sniff, @Ringworm@Squid, and @French Lick (Q)
As we gathered in the parking lot, the rain gave a window of relief, so we grabbed coupons and did a walking warmup with the F3 slogan and 5 core as the initial conversation. @Squid joined us as he was completing his pre-workout mile run. Our warmup took us to the cabin, that only @Squid and his family have seen open, to utilize the picnic pavilion for cover as the rain started again. Proving we are smarter than farm animals and know when to get in out of the rain.

So we worked out and talked…
Coupon Calf raises, merkins, bench step ups w/coupon, tri-cep dips, 30 sec plank, rinse repeat…
The conversation was incredible. Really appreciate everyone’s perspective and contributions.


As we returned from whence we came I shared a Joel Osteen parable. Here’s the link to do it justice.
When we get cut back that is what creates our most growth.