F3 Medina

Mayhem in Medina

Fri., Nov. 4, 2022

You better Tabata you bet

Fri., Nov. 4, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



PAX did the varietal warmup and then 15 min cardio: 5 minutes SSH 5 minutes Step up and 5 minutes mystery exercise selected from the bucket.

15 minutes of strength included 5 minutes merkins 5 minutes coupon OH press and 5 minutes rack rows
All exercises done 20 sec work 10 sec rest.


The things I have taken from f3 MAC and how they affect my day to day. This week for example- the lessons from Meditations by Aurelius helped overcome work strife, humility amd perspective in dealing with the political climate and finally balance in your life as I could not post as much as I’d like. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great group and have a great day! Note the Saturday AO is Medina square with @Radio