The Deck O’ Death aka Deck O’ Life

Sat., Jan. 16, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


20 yard warmup: 400m mosey, arm circles, 20yd high knees, slow squats, 20 yd butt kickers, side squats, 50yd run


Deck of Death ( or for those who prefer more positivity:Deck of Life)
735! accumulated reps of Merkins, SSH, Squat Jacks, Flutter kicks, Rosalita, Burpees, Scissors, Lunges, Incline Merkins, Heels to Heaven, Shoulder Planks, Hand clap Merkins, Monkee humpers, Mountain Climbers, Freddie Mercury, American Hammers, Big Boy situps (bonus 10 reps courtesy of ) and for those still holding  ‘s Slowww Squats, recover


Prayers for @Ross and his recovery from Covid. Prayers for the family of Nick Kuchar, the boy was killed in an accident last week along with his friend.
My words for the day stem from a statement that @Pitfall posted the other day saying that he was joining the Burning River with a bunch of studs. My response is that you are included in that “stud” classification. Don’t look now but by simply posting regular we are all becoming studs and Tier 1 operators. We are doing things that most gym guys wouldn’t even attempt and then adding the elements. Welcome to the “Club” men!
Praises to @FLO and @6 Pack for pursuing the ABJ grant and setting up today. I think it was fun and went well. I just hope they got my good side.