Thu., Mar. 18, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


neck rolls, arm circles (18), Michael Phelps, Abe Vigodas, tappy taps, imperial walkers, bear squats.


Teams of 2 (P1 and P2).  Each team cycled through 99 merkins 198 coupon shoulder presses, 297 weighted squats.  While P1 started merkins, P2 did suicides to the 30 yrd line, completed 3 burpees and returned to “relieve” P1.  Each team followed this pattern through each of the 3 exercises until completion.


22 Big boys, 18 4count Pass the butter and 36 LBCs


Praises to @S’mores and @Maestro for joining and modifying through injuries. Happy Birthday to Blitz! (Still not vaccine eligible). Pax is still working on right key to sing HB. Today’s workout was designed around my son, Jake’s 22nd birthday today. All the reps in the Dora were designed with 3/18/99 or 22. Message today was approach problems like an idealist (my son). Don’t get caught up in what might not have worked in the past and prevent yourself from exploring a new perspective. Welcome to our newest FNG – Banksy (look it up old dudes)!