Burn the ships

Thu., May. 6, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Neck stretches, arm circles, turn and bounce, Michael Phelps, upward dog and bear squats


We partnered up in teams of two and team members alternated between double coupon farmer carry to and from the 50 yard line and the following workouts on the goal line:
–      250 Pass the butters (single count)
–      250 Scissor kicks (single count)
–      250 Big boys
–      Merkins until 6:05 then clear for MOM


–      20 Pickle pointers
–      20 Freddy Mercury’s
–      60 seconds of high plank (count around the circle)
–      60 seconds of left side plank on the elbow (count around the circle)
–      60 seconds of right side plank on the elbow (count around the circle)


Prayers for Blit’z family, especially his brother Nathan as he fights through some challenges in his marriage. Also for Dr. Claw’s friend (my cousin) Jackie and her newly adopted daughter, Tali. Tali is experiencing some health complications and they are currently at Nationwide Hospital in Columbus where Drs are trying to figure out what’s wrong. Praises to God for the blessing of this group!
The message for the day was “Burn the ships!”, which is a phrase that has helped me discern through several things in my life. It basically means get rid of the comfort zones that are holding you back from becoming who God is calling you to be. F3 is the perfect example of this. A warm bed at 5am is definitely a comfort zone but this group decides to climb out and fight through the gloom day after day. Thanks for the inspiration, men!