Beach body Dora

Thu., Jun. 17, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Pole Dance Warm Up (Using PVC Tubes) – Around the World OYO, Turn and Bounce X14 in Cadence, Waist Bends OYO, Lateral Leg Swings OYO, Front back Leg Swings OYO, Arm Circles X15 Forward and Backwards, Michael Phelps OYO


Mosey to the North End ZoneEddie Moneyvator: Side Straddle Hops with Burpee every time you hear “Take Me Home Tonight”  3 minutes 30 SecondsMosey to HillClimbing Mount Kilmanjaro: Pax1 Holds a Squat Pax 2 Runs up the hill then switch, every other trip run the hill backwards, stop when the song ends. Toto Africa 4 minutes 55 secondsMosey to West side of the field and pick up coupons for partner workBeach Body Dora: Pax 1 Performs Exercise Pax 2 Runs Sideline to Sideline then switch
-Decline Merkins X50
-Merkins X100
-Overhead Press X150
-Curls X200


-Pickle Pointers X25
-Big Boys X30
-Heals to Heaven X15 (4 count)
-Freddie Mercuries X10 (4 count)
All in cadence


My son attempted the swim test at summer camp even though he had no chance of passing because he wanted to jump off the diving board and go down the slide. His attempt, failure, and now desire to learn how to swim to achieve his goal made me think about all the times I decided not to take the risk of a new challenge due to my fear of failing. Some times we just need to take that leap of faith and know that the people who surround us will support us even if we fail, just like the life guard at the pool or the parent who teaches their kid to swim. The only way we get better is if we try and fail then try again.
I will be down range starting now in till June 28th, if you have any beach workouts feel free to send them my way.