Thu., Sep. 30, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Warmup: Neck Rolls, Phelps, Turn/Bounce, Tappy Taps, Bear squats, arm circles


Wolverine (burpee with knee tuck and Merkin)
200 meter sprint – Wolverine
100 meter backpedal – Wolverine
Around the track until backpedal finishes at start linePartner Hill Squats
While Partner 1 running the hill, Partner 2 does Full squat then next round Upper 1/2 squat, then Lower 1/2 squat, then low Bounce Squat, then repeat.


LBCs, Plank-o-rama


Prayers for @Warm Water brother recovering from hip surgery.
Oct 9th – AO moved for Cleveland convergence
Wild at Heart camp sign ups are live (F3 workouts included)
Thought: Jesus is the perfect balance between truth and grace. We are typically heavier on one side or the other. I encourage each of you to examine your interactions and determine if you are more truth or grave and challenge yourself to be balance like Jesus.