The de-Motivator

Mon., Nov. 22, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


neck rolls, arm circles, turn and bounce, tally taps, Abe Vigodas, 10 slow squats, 10 merkins, bear squats, flamingos


Started with deconstructed Motivator.
Each man took turns doing one segment of a motivator while all other members hold in squat position.
Went around until motivator was complete.

Ring 1 – Overhead coupon presses- each man did 19 presses while rest of pax held coupons in “rifle carry” position.
Ring 2- Merkins – each man did 19 merkins while rest of pax maintained various plank-style positions
Ring 3 – Monkey Humpers- each man completed 19 4count monkey humpers while the rest of the pax maintained the monkey hold.  Many thoughts of “is it done yet?” occurred.
Ring 4 Curls – each man completed 10 coupon curls (no time for 19) while the rest of the pax held the coupon out stationary.


today is my youngest son’s 19th birthday, so the 19 reps was a recognition of that. Today my family will celebrate him. many are participating in the run for hunger on Thanksgiving morning in Akron. If you aren’t and would be open to a morning beatdown on Thursday, a small band of misfits may meet then. prayers for @JonBoy ‘s grandmother Mary who is recovering from a fall. Prayers for a family known to @Warm Water who recently lost their young father/husband to cancer and are mourning his passing and absence. Message today was around communication and the 7/38/55 rule which states only 7% of communication is the actual words. The rest (38/55) is broken down between body language and tone. How words are delivered, including the medium (text, email, social media) really affects the receiver’s perception. Choose accordingly to ensure what you mean to say lands the way you want it to.
Coffeeteria at Nervous Dog where we reminded each other of F3 members we are hoping to see again soon!
Thanks to all who endured my experiment today and followed my lead!