F3 Medina


Wed., May. 31, 2023

No Mercy Mile

Wed., May. 31, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



25 curls
Lunge walk 100m
25 merkins
Mosey 100m
25 LBC
Bear crawl 100m
25 squats
Mosey 100m

Repeat for time or 1 total mile.

4 finished the full mile. @Garmin @Focker @Churchill and @Shugah. All kicked ass.


Freddie mercs slow/fast, 6” to leg lifts


“Attack the hills…because no one else will.” – Focker

Some great recent examples:

  • Garmin – adversity in everything he does and how he approaches it… this workout was his… and is a perfect reflection of how he goes about business… he attacks the hills
  • Cadet – doing the murph with a 30lb rucksack… no excuses. Kicking ass on Tuesdays and Thursdays pushing through runs he hates because he is attacking the hills
  • Radio – consistency… consistency… consistency… attacking the hills