F3 Medina


Wed., Nov. 2, 2022

Vicious Circle

Wed., Nov. 2, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



One man enters the circle and does 5 reps while the rest of the Pax remains outside the circle doing reps of a different exercise until everyone has taken a turn in the center.

Center: Burpees, merkins, coupon press, big boys, over head press Burpees, Side-tri rise x2, merkins,

Outside: Bear crawl, crab walk, rifle carry, shoulder press, high knees, curles, walking lunge, karaoke x2, weighted walking lunges


American Hammers, LBC’s, Big boys


“Leave no man left behind” & “Leave no man where you found them”

As I was looking at the posted workouts of the Pax that @Shugah shared with us earlier in the week I noticed how many men that have only shown up on a limited bases. There are 55 of us that have posted 5 or less times year to date. Some guys may be battling with an injury or maybe they were a FNG and only showed up once or twice. With the “Leave no man left behind” & “Leave no man where you found them” mantra’s in mind, I encourage you to reach out to those men that we haven’t seen much of as of late. Sending a txt or picking up the phone might just be the thing that gets them back out in the gloom.  It may be beneficial in helping to grow F3 but the real benefit is to the individual.