F3 Medina

Forrest’s Fun Run

Thu., Nov. 23, 2023

Focker's Focking

Thu., Nov. 23, 2023 / 05:15 am - 06:00 am / Medina Pavillion



@Shugah and @Focker completed different drills for 30 sec with the time between each exercise used to run a figure 8 pattern at the park that incorporated 4 flights of stairs.

The 30 second exercises were burpees, crunches, dips, 6 in leg raise hold, inclined merkins, derkins, alternating side goblet squats, kettlebell swings, kettlebell chest press right arm, kettlebell chest press left arm.

Then @Shugah gave himself a concussion on the picnic table bench and we decided that was enough for the beetdown.