F3 Medina

Mayhem in Medina

Fri., Apr. 14, 2023

Keep what's good

Fri., Apr. 14, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



We did a warmup from the Physical Education program at La Sierra High School (CA). More on that later, and links are below. PAX then moseyed to the East end zone and did bearcrawl variations with a stop every 10 yards; 10 yard = 5 Elevated Merkins 20 yard= 10 Merkins 30 yard=10 MR TRI EXT 40 yard=Diamond Merkin. 50 Big Boys at the 50 and then ladder down our exercises. The return trip was jumping/lunging/running with Calf Raises, Pistol Squat, BW Squat.  At the 50: 25 rep UP DOWN OUT and then 25 plank reps. A set of one arm rows and a short MARY capped us off. (Thanks for counting reps @Padre)


Our warmup taken from La Sierrra High School was something I found in a documentary about a school and a group of teachers that advocated classical physical education. A merit system of colored trunks provided motivation for students to move up in rank, improve their performance and give their best effort. The goal was to achieve a balance of physical, mental and spiritual development, essentially based on the Greek philosophy. The results were outstanding. The lessons learned in those classes stayed with the students throughout their lives.

As PE was replaced by more class time, these types of programs dwindled. The result is worse education based on testing results and an increase in behavioral/learning problems. The serious PE professionals tried to fight to keep what was working, but ultimately lost. That’s why I themed this “keep what’s good”. With the changes we face today, lets fight to keep what is good. We know what works, we know what is good for us and for society. It is a fight to keep those good things in place.