F3 Medina

Mayhem in Medina

Fri., Oct. 14, 2022


Fri., Oct. 14, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



We hit the sideline. While one partner did the exercise, the other ran to the far sideline and back, picking up the count where the other partner left off (standard Dora template)

Rd 1 150x Big boys/300x LBCs
Rd 2 200x American Hammers/200 Gas Pumps
Rd 3 300x Flutter Kicks/300 Heel Touches
Rd 4 150x Heels to Heaven/150x Ab Airplanes


We hit the “non-mirror” muscles, as @French Lick might say.
30x Pickle Pointers (to Billy Squier, the Stroke, no less 🤣) with a long hold on the 10s
10x Four count freestyle swimmers
10x Four count breastroke swimmers


Exercise can resemble life at times. We swing coupons occasionally, run our butts off, and sometimes even hit blocking sleds, but if we strengthen our core, the base of our fitness is firmly in place, and gives a solid foundation for all those other things to build off of. In life, we learn new things, we have great adventures, and enjoy a beer or five with friends. Those things are great, as long as we maintain our core principles. If we maintain those things, we can build the rest of our lives around them. For me, it’s honesty, work ethic, and generosity. If I make the rest of my beliefs offshoots of those three things, I’m usually on the right track.

Always a pleasure and an honor to lead this great group on men. Many thanks to @Wall-E and @Churchill for keeping me motivated and on point this morning! Speaking of core… @Shugah is ready with the Capper.