F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., May. 2, 2023


Tue., May. 2, 2023 / 06:00 am - 07:00 am / Medina High School



Five PAX braved the coldest May 2 in 113 years!  @Shugah @Barnum @Dash @Cadet @Radio broke out the winter gear…again, and actually took on some flurries in the process!  3.11 miles were rucked out on an old, almost forgotten route.  @Cadet mentioned something about making some shelves,  but most of the time all I could hear was him and @Barnum talking about @Barnum‘s new business partner, and what a great guy he is, and how @Barnum hopes to be swimming in $100 dollar bills, once his house is built.  I have to meet this guy!  @Shugah @Dash and @Radio were at the front, and discussed many a heavy topic:  The debt ceiling, abortion, the death penalty, and personal responsibility.  It lightened up for the last mile, while we enjoyed Deep Thoughts with @Dash.  Turns out our F3 lives are brought on by a continuing stream of good decisions!  @Shugah is somewhat jelly of @Radio complimenting @Dash‘s ass, but alas, @Shugah brings the six pack to the party!
Continued prayers for @Squealer, as he deals with the declining health of a good friend.