F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., Jul. 2, 2024

Fish tales

Tue., Jul. 2, 2024 / 05:52 am - 06:52 am / Medina Square



On what could only be described as an epic morning @Wall-E @Modell @Wolowitz @Shugah @Churchill @Dash @Radio got in 3.3 epic miles to get this abbreviated week’s hump day off to an epic start.@Wall-E and @Modell brought up the rear, but that is in way indicative of their performance.  @Modell rucked to the ruck, then pre-rucked, then rucked, then rucked home.  @Wall-E was wearing one of his tighty-whitey sleeveless shirts, and driving all the old ladies crazy.    @Churchill has definitely been working on his tan.    A @Churchill feature that makes @Radio wild with envy.   @Wolowitz continues to amaze @Radio with his feats of intellect.  One small sign on the trail, and @Wolowitz has vowed to make a new form of porous asphalt!  This, coupled with his Miata racing skills were mind blowing!  @Shugah, fresh off his Savage race was his usual savage self.  Modestly talking fishing, while failing to mention that he holds the steelhead trout bag limit record in two states, and British Columbia.  A picture is posted below, though he, modestly, did not want his face in the photo.  @Dash, unfortunately, had his line bitten by the sharp teeth of a great white, while fishing in the south Pacific.  No trophy for that, but he did once shoot an 84 at St. Andrews!