F3 Medina

The Hive

Mon., Feb. 20, 2023

Hilly Dozens

Mon., Feb. 20, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Motivator + dynamic stretching


Partners combined to do 12 hill runs per round while the other partner did a core exercise as active recovery. For each run, the individual did a burpee for the number of reps he was on, increasing from 1 to 6 per round. Each round, the number of sequential hill runs increased by one.

Round 1:
Single hill runs x 6 rotations
Plank hold

Round 2:
2x hill runs x 3 rotations
American Hammers

Round 3:
3x hill runs x 2 rotations
Big boys

Round 4:
6x hill runs
6” holds with lift and short rest

Bonus round:
Repeat round 3 with backward runs up hill
(1 rotation completed before time ran out)


Re-examine your New Year’s goals…reset where needed…and get on it.