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Mon., Aug. 21, 2023

The Merkin Variety (Half) Hour

Mon., Aug. 21, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Picked up a similar format as @Snugglebug‘s epic Saturday VQ to form the base for the Merkin Variety Hour (or, rather, 1/2 hour)

Alternate bear crawls and lunge walks every 20 yards. At each 20, the group performed the round’s designated type of merkin. We picked up the 6 as we went by having each person who got to the mark had to do additional reps for the others that hadn’t arrived yet.


  1. 8-count merkins (base 10 + 2 for each PAX who was behind you – max = 18)
  2. Diamond merkins (base 5 + 2 for each PAX who was behind you – max = 13)
  3. Mike Tysons (base 10 + 2 – max = 18)
  4. Dealer’s choice: standard merkins (base 5 + 2) or clap merkins (base 1 + 1)


A few sets of:

  • Delayed leg raises (5-count 6″ hold followed by a leg lift x 10)
  • Crunch to hammer (x20)


Thought of the day comes from a movie I was half watching while working out in my basement (that, as an aside, was pretty damn good). The conversation was about how it is no longer geography that divides us. Rather, time. And that we all tend to operate on our own time… be it in conversation (texting when convenient for ourselves), streaming a given show vs. the old days of collectively watching… working different hours based on flexible schedules… etc. etc. I thought this concept was really interesting as while this offers tremendous freedom, it also comes with some sacrifice of connectivity. The takeaway I had was to be more aware and strike a stronger balance of aligning your “time” with those you care about to have stronger connections.

BTW, the movie was “Vengence” (a film on Amazon Prime written by BJ Novak from The Office… thought Ashton Kutcher was specifically good in it which surprised me.)