F3 Stow

The Motivator

Tue., Apr. 2, 2024

Fun with Finch

Tue., Apr. 2, 2024 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Woodridge High School



Started with a Motivator from 10. Then, pax grabbed coupons and partnered up for a classic Dora. Exercises were 50 manmakers, 200 curls and 250 OH Presses while partner ran to the 25 yard line & back. Shorter bursts to keep the heart rate up. Finished with 6MOM which consisted of 20 big boys, 30 leg lifts, 15 4 count flutter kicks and then circle merks to 60.


Praises that He is Risen. Praises to Waddle’s cousin Joe’s family welcoming their new baby in to the world. In thinking of Good Friday and then Easter I had 2 thoughts. The first was on the day that Jesus died on the cross, I bet Satan was celebrating nonstop. He probably thought he had won, and I just picture Hell having a party on that day. But then, when Jesus rose again, I just picture Satan in crushing defeat when he realized what had just happened and that by Jesus sacrificing himself, he opened a pathway to anyone who believes in Him to have eternal life. He literally turned death into life. The other thought comes from the song Kids by Brandon Lake. The lyrics that stick with me are “You never let your kids down” and that’s so true. We feel let down when things don’t go the way we want, but His plan is better and He’ll never let us down. Here’s a link to the song if anyone’s feeling it: