F3 Medina

Ruckin' Around

Tue., Apr. 18, 2023

Rucking around

Tue., Apr. 18, 2023 / 06:00 am - 07:00 am / Medina High School



7 Pax @Squealer @Dash @Shugah @Brutus @Barnum @Cadet  @Padre turned up to hit the new trek that @Forrest discovered like the Magellan he is. His states 3.15 but my app said 3.25. Calling it 3.2 at a 3.9MPH pace. @Squealer definitely informed us about the pace so we will kick up the MPH a notch next time for him. 
@Brutus and myself led the pack discussing a vast array of life challenges and camp sites that we would like to visit/revisit. @Dash and @Squealer partnered up and were discussing quite a bit but my ears were not up to par like @Radio eavesdropping gene. @Shugah @Padre  @Barnum kept up the rear to ensure our 6 was covered.