F3 Medina

Mayhem in Medina

Fri., Feb. 2, 2024


Fri., Feb. 2, 2024 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Dynamics and static stretching


Supersetx2 mosey to the side goal finish line for active rest between each increasing count x10, x16, x20
1A. Single-leg deadlift
1B. Single-leg glute bridge
1C. Split squat lunges
Supersetx2 mosey to the side goal finish line for active rest between each increasing count x10, x16, x20
2A. Chest Press (R)
2B. Chest Press (L)
2C. Curls for the Girls
2D. Overhead Press*
2E. Triceps (PAX’s Choice)

**Towards the end of the beetdown today I was at reps to failure and I could not complete the final sets. Everyone stopped when I stopped and we mosey’d our last leg across the field and back. I chose this exercise because I knew it would be challenging for me. I’m working on shoulders and arms lately and I wanted an exercise set that would push me. But since I couldn’t finish the rest, nobody else had to either.

Fine Dining: The Deconstructed Burpee to finish – set 10 for each.
-Squat Jumps
-Burpos (Squat thrusters?)
-Merkins with alternating knees to chest
-Star Jumps


Circle of Pain – abs exercises with 10 counts, some straight counts and some in cadence from each PAX.


Be the leader who jumps into the proverbial trenches with your troops. I shared a story about our higher ups at work who are hunkering down on audits and improvement scores in the guise of supporting staff and being transparent with us about our grievances. They typically do this a few times a year; they make their presence known on the floor, and generally get in the way of us doing actual work for our patients. Hardly ever do I see one of these ‘leaders’ actually try to make anything better through their own actions. They talk the talk, but then show up to work in dress shoes and act like they are going to come on the floor and help us when we are drowning in our workflow. No joke, I watched one of them switch directions in the hallway as I was calling out for assistance with a patient. I watched her go and pretend like she didn’t hear me asking for an extra hand. It was laughable. Of course there are lots of upper management decisions and meetings that I am not privy to, so maybe they do have our best interests at heart; the only superior we have any respect for, out of the 5 supervisors that we answer to, is a nurse manager who is not afraid to pick up some slack on the floor, help make calls or admit patients, and provide the staff with much needed breaks if they are getting too overwhelmed with the workflow for the day. She shows up in scrubs and work shoes and gets shit done. We all see her and know we have support. We know our shift is going to be better because we have a real leader on the clock. Be the real leaders in your lives, gentlemen. Talk the talk and walk the walk. That is all.