F3 Medina


Wed., Feb. 14, 2024

The Bob Guy

Wed., Feb. 14, 2024 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Typical warm up stuff. Neck rolls, arm circles, cross body/behind the head arm stretch, Tappy taps, downward dog,  runner, pigeon, mosey to the 50 and back.


The Bob Guy – A modification of how Coach Guy started and ended every wrestling practice.
20 SSH
20 standard merkins
20 Merkins – hands turned in
20 Merkins – hands turned out
20 Big Boys
20 LBC’s
20 Squat thrusts

Run one lap around track. Rinse and repeat. First set of exercises in cadence, after that OYO.


A stark reminder to appreciate what we have and not take life for granted.
Yesterday morning, directly in front of my office an 84 year old woman made a left turn in front of a 47 year old man traveling the opposite direction on a motorcycle. They collided and the man who wasn’t wearing a helmet lost his life on the scene.  I didn’t know either person involved in this tragic accident but I imagine that the man woke up yesterday morning much like each one of us did today, assuming he would make it home later that same day.  Life is fragile, our time here is finite and tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.